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This December, Dimsum Entertainment has gifts from Santa for all our viewers!

December 1, 2020   –   dimsum

They say Christmas isn’t so much a season as it is a feeling. Even though we don’t get to experience a white Christmas here in Southeast Asia, there’s no reason not to feel the winter cheer! This December, Dimsum Entertainment brings you heartwarming tales of love and family that will surely put you in a merry mood.

First up, we take a trip back to 1960’s Thailand in Repercussion, a Thai period drama exploring themes of family conflict and karma. Superstar Mai Charoenpura makes a powerful comeback in Repercussion – after almost a decade on hiatus – as Yoi, a morally gray matriarch who believes the best way to happiness is by ruling with an iron fist.  Mai is not the only big name to star in Repercussion; with the finale of Deceitful Love on the horizon, this is also a great chance for Bella Campen fans to discover a juicy new drama!

After the intense story of Repercussion, perhaps one might like to chill with a heartwarming tale. Dimsum Entertainment serves up some chicken soup for the soul with EYE ON THE BALL, produced by Star Media Group’s very own R.AGE team. The docu-film follows Malaysia’s blind football team, Harimau Buta, as they work towards the World Blind Football Championships. EYE ON THE BALL is a one-of-its-kind peek into the lives of disabled athletes and viewers will surely find themselves cheering for Harimau Buta throughout their journey.

We know some of you have a hankering for new Chinese dramas too, which is why we’ve partnered with leading distributor MediaQuiz to bring you some awesome shows from China! Look out for titles such as Fighter of the Destiny, Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long, Adoption and Ban Shu Legend, coming soon to Dimsum Entertainment. They will surely satisfy action, fantasy and romance fans alike!

Since being established in Hong Kong in 2010, MediaQuiz has distributed more than 1500 episodes of content to various platforms across Asia. Thus, Dimsum Entertainment‘s audience can expect the best of Chinese entertainment. Of course, the K-Wave has touched even China; fans of K-Pop, do look forward to seeing superstars such as Luhan and Yoona in Fighter of the Destiny and Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long!

Speaking of the K-Wave, no lineup of Asian entertainment is complete without a K-Drama. This month, we are bringing you Find Me In Your Memory, a slow-burn romance that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Without spoiling too much, Find Me In Your Memory has also been lauded for its sensitive portrayal of characters with conditions such as amnesia and hyperthymesia.

Finally, let’s end an old year with some new skills! Spend every day with Dimsum Entertainment in our series of freemium shorts where you can pick up baking, health tips, and more. This Christmas is going to be educational, enriching AND entertaining!

We hope our special Christmas lineup brings a little magic into your life and a renewed hope for 2021!

Repercussion | 19 Episodes

The quiet Nakhon Sawan province is the last place where one would expect to find convoluted family dynamics poisoned by greed, revenge and manipulation. However, it is here that Yoi, store owner and mother of four grown children, has built her empire.

Domineering matriarch Yoi believes that the ends justify the means – as long as her family appears successful and happy, her actions are beyond reproach. Even Yoi’s sons are not beyond her control as she begins pulling the strings to find them good wives.

The family is touched by karma when her actions result in tragic consequences. Are they willing to face the repercussions if they stand up to Yoi?

Cast: Mai Charoenpura, Bella Ranee Campen, James Jirayu Tangsrisuk & Thakrit Tawanpong


This is the inspirational tale of Harimau Buta, Malaysia’s blind football team.

After taking home the gold in the 2015 ASEAN Paralympic Games, Harimau Buta are aiming higher than ever before. EYE ON THE BALL follows their story as they attempt to qualify for the World Blind Football Championships (also known as the “World Cup of blind football”). At the same time, the team must deal with an uncertain future after failing to defend their title at the 2017 ASEAN Paralympics.

EYE ON THE BALL was produced in hopes of raising support for Harimau Buta and other underprivileged athletes across Malaysia.

Cast: Sunny Shalesh, Asri Arshad, Azwan Azhar & Rollen Maraki

Find Me In Your Memory | 32 Episodes

The man who cannot forget and the woman whose memories are fading away – despite their difficulties, will they come to love each other?

Lee Jung-hoon (Kim Dong-wook) is an anchorman who is loved for his ruthless exposés of his guests’ wrongdoings. He has hyperthymesia, a condition that allows him to remember nearly every moment in his life. Meanwhile, Yeo Ha-jin is a top model and actress who lives freely as she has forgotten her past. Their love story blossoms when the two fatefully cross paths.

Find Me In Your Memory is a beautiful slow-burn romance, as delicious as hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.

Cast: Kim Dong-wook, Moon Ga-young, Lee Joo-bin, Kim Seul-gi & Lee Joon-hyuk

Fighter of Destiny | 52 Episodes

Chen Changsheng (Lu Han) is a man whose blood is a miracle cure for all illnesses. However, that very blood is poison to Changsheng himself. Changsheng’s master, the Taoist Monk Ji (Eric Tsang), said that he is destined to never live past 20.

Unwilling to accept his fate, Changsheng sets out to find a way to change his destiny. On his trip, he is joined by his beloved Xu Yourong (Guli Nazha) and the stubborn princess of the beastmen, Bai Luoheng (Janice Wu).

Luhan fangirls and fanboys who were sad when he left EXO can now see him in action for 52 whole episodes!

Cast: Lu Han, Guli Nazha, Eric Tsang & Janice Wu

Christmas movies have a bad reputation for being cheesy and cliché. That being said, we promise that Dimsum Entertainment‘s curated Christmas content is 100% binge-worthy with none of the cheese. This year, our gift to you is a hamper of movies perfect for the holidays, including One Day, Puppy Love, Romancing in Thin Air II, and Quartet.

In addition to that, we are also putting out some of our most popular dramas for FREE! That’s right, now you can watch fan-favourites such as My Husband-in-Law and The Heroic Journey of Nezha without having to touch your wallet!

Why not head over to Dimsum Entertainment and unwrap your present early?

To browse our library or for more information, log on to www.dimsum.asia, or our official social media pages, Facebook (@dimsum.ent), Instagram (@dimsum.ent) and Twitter (@dimsumasia).