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August 21, 2019   –   dimsum

Peeps, Hungry Ghost Festival is still here and dimsum is giving you extra spook with its horror servings, The Fearless from Taiwan and House of Spirits from Hong Kong.

Best known for his role in The Road in the Air, Lego Lee and Man Shu Jian head this 13-episode supernatural drama which tells of a rogue who begins to see ghosts after wakes up from unconsciousness.

The Fearless | Premiere 31 August

Resurrected after being declared dead, Gao Zhi Hai (Lego Lee) finds himself being able to see ghosts, further leading him to a life-changing experience. Ah Hai then takes over the funeral home owned by his late father and takes on cases from the deceased. During his journey to find out the truth, he encounters with Sheng Ying (Man Shu Jian), a forensic pathologist who is sceptical of ghosts. Who and what turn out to be the truth in the end?

House of Spirits | All 31 episodes

Following the sudden death of his father, Po Foon (Bobby Au Yeung) as the will executor urgently summons his three siblings back to live together in their father’s rundown home for nine months before they can sell it. With the tattered family relationship creating a rift between siblings, Po Foon unexpectedly finds out about a ghost couple, Bak Wah and Yi Lan who have haunted the house for many years.

Love Under the Moon | Simulcast 21 August

Also coming soon, is a premiering melodrama Love Under the Moon, express from China beginning this 21 August. The 48-episode series tells a heart-wrenching romance between a young woman and two brothers, and the story will be updated everyday on dimsum. Love Under the Moon is led by Victoria Song from Moonshine and Valentine and Oho Ou Hao from The Left Ear, where both titles are also currently available on dimsum.

In the year 1990s, smart and dedicated Xiang Yuan (Song Qian) received financial aid from the Ye Family to attend university in Shanghai. Xiang Yuan harbours deep love for the Ye Family’s eldest son Ye Qian Ze (Oho Ou Hao) while the second son Ye Yun (Xia Ning Jun) is in love with her. For the company’s sake, Ye Qian Ze marries Xiang Yuan for her strong capability, but misunderstandings soon tear their marriage apart. Soon, an unexpected and irreversible tragedy separates the couple forever. Four years later, Xiang Yuan has overcome the hardships and Ye Yun finally confesses his enduring feelings for Xiang Yuan. Will she be able to accept him, or will tragedy strike again?

In the Hong Kong dramas’ section, Veteran Hong Kong actor Liu Kai Chi returned to television drama in Law dis-Order, after a long absence since his last work in 2007.

Law dis-Order | All 28 episodes

Though co-founder Charles Cheuk (Lau Dan) has promised his managing partner KC Lau (Liu Kai Chi) to step down as a chairman of their law firm, Charles deliberately brings in the money-minded lawyer Kent Cheung (Alex Fong) to counterbalance KC’s growing obsession for power. With his strong associates Duncan Yam (Raymond Cho) and Martha Fong (Mandy Wong), KC assumed the upper edge in their power game until a traffic accident catches him off guard. Taking advantage of the situation, Kent gets himself promoted as a senior partner. The competition between these two money-hungry lawyers soon pushes them further and further away from morality.

• A Short End of the Stick | All 35 episodes

With the end of the millennia-long imperial period, three palace eunuchs Lee Suk Kung (Wayne Lai), Dan Tin (Power Chan), and Chan Siu Fung (Raymond Cho) are expelled and demoted to the peasantry. Unfortunately, they run into a con artist Tsui Chun Sing (Edwin Siu), who disguises himself as a eunuch, and end up being sold to the Kam family to be servants. The family’s head Kam Heung owns a rice business, but she is pressured into finding a husband so the family name could be carried on. By chance, she marries Suk Kung. When Kam Heung tries to conceive his child in every possible way, Suk Kung does not dare to reveal his true identity. The trio try to do everything they can to fix the situation they’re in, but they seem to make things worse…

• Do Did Eat S02 | All 25 episodes

Hosted by Carol Cheng and FAMA, the second season of the informative programme Do Did Eat focuses on tourism and travelling. Judy Kwong, Alycia Chan, Roger Wu and other artists travel to countries such as Japan, South Korea and Thailand to gather information on different customs and anecdotes to test the two groups of guests in each episode.

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