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  4. Sunny Suwanmethanont Reunites with Mai Davika in MY AMBULANCE Baifern’s “The Sand Princess” and Lee Thanat’s “Endless Love” premiering on dimsum

Sunny Suwanmethanont Reunites with Mai Davika in MY AMBULANCE Baifern’s “The Sand Princess” and Lee Thanat’s “Endless Love” premiering on dimsum

September 12, 2019   –   dimsum

Is it all about saving and rescuing lives in the emergency room of a hospital? Sunny Suwanmetanot and Mai Davika show a more romantic, comedic and emotional side of a medical practitioner in their new drama, My Ambulance. Reuniting for the second time since Heart Attack, Sunny and Mai will play a long-term couple who faced challenges in their relationship when new people walk into their lives.

My Ambulance | Premiere 6 September | Every Fri & Sat  9.10PM

Ben, an emergency room doctor focusing on healing and rescuing, and Tandawan have been in love for 17 years. Tandawan, whose work is only to take care of Ben, doubts whether she still loves or simply needs Ben. One day, they met a traffic accident and Tandawan is seriously injured. When she wakes up, she loses all her memories. Recovery doctor Charam appears in her life and she has the same feeling she once had for Ben. During this time, Ben also meets a new girl, Bami, who has a crush on Ben and pretends as an ambulance driver to get closer with him.

My Ambulance Official Trailer

Starring: Sunny Suwanmethanont, Mai Davika Hoorne, Sky Wongravee Nateetorn, Bank Thiti Mahayotaruk, Thanaerng Kanyawee Songmuang

Endless Love | Every Sunday

Min is a believer of the red thread folklore who thought that she is destined to be with her childhood friend Phon. However, she met Day and fell in love with him instead, and they were soon engaged to be married. He discovered that her seem big-hearted father was the driver who killed his mother in a hit-and-run years ago, resulting in his father’s suicide on their wedding day. The devastated Day chose to disappear rather than exposing Min’s father. When he returned years later Min had to choose either to move on with her life as he did with his or fight for his forgiveness and their love.

Endless Love Official Trailer

Starring: Lee Thanat, Violette Wautier, Guy Sivakorn Lertchoochot, Sarocha Burin

The Sand Princess | Every Saturday & Sunday

Khotnipa and Jinpat are two school friends but Jinpat treats Khot more like a servant, and she always obliges for money. Jinpat has an older brother name Kiragorn, who is engaged to Apisada, but before they could get married, Apisada leaves Kiragorn for Jinpat. At the same time, Jinpat gets someone pregnant and hires Khot to be the mother of his child. Khot’s life becomes complicated when she meets the heartbroken Kiragorn and starts to develop feelings she shouldn’t have.

The Sand Princess Official Trailer

Starring: Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol, Dan Worrawech Danuwong

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