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Rumoured Couple Deng Lun and Sandra Ma Paired Up in MR. FIGHTING

July 31, 2019   –   dimsum

Modern romance of a former idol and his assistant

After working together on the variety show Who’s The Keyman, Deng Lun and Sandra Ma reunite in this new romcom, Mr. Fighting, exclusively premiering on dimsum beginning today, express from China.

With a total of 44 episodes, Mr. Fighting is the first and third instalment of the Gentleman trilogy after To Be A Better Man and Mr. Right, about a former reality star who tries to make a comeback with the help of his new assistant.

Contrary to his famed actor status in real life, Deng Lun takes up the role of a washed-up star, Hao Ze Yu in Mr. Fighting. Ze Yu has been an idol for ten years but when his fame started to fade, he finds himself struggling in the industry. To make things worse, his agent leaves him without saying goodbye, forcing Ze Yu to work with a new group: the unemployed Fu Zi (Sandra Ma), the beautiful Niu Mei Li (Ni Hong Jie) and Fu Zi’s father, also a taxi driver (Han Tong Sheng).

Though the trio seems unreliable, Fu Zi is determined to become Ze Yu’s agent and helps him to reclaim his popularity. Along the dream, they have to face and make hard decisions. For Ze Yu, will he choose stardom or his love towards Fu Zi and growing bonds with the group?

26-year-old Deng Lun gained widespread popularity in the costume romance Ashes of Love co-starring Yang Zi, previously premiering on dimsum. His other notable works include Sweet Dreams, Princess Agents, Ode to Joy 2 and Promise of Migratory Birds.

Sandra Ma is a Chinese actress who won the Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress for her role in the film Soul Mate. She has also starred in television series Love Me If You Dare and Age of Legends.

Mr. Fighting streams exclusively everyday, with 2 episodes renewed daily from Monday to Friday, and 1 episode on Saturdays and Sundays. For more information, visit dimsum.asia, dimsum official Facebook (facebook.com/dimsum.asia) or Instagram (@dimsum.asia).