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Mark Prin’s “My Husband-in-Law” Leads The Latest Line-up from Thailand, China, Korea and Japan this June!

June 2, 2020   –   dimsum

Whether you are back into the office or still working from home in June, it’ll still feel good to have a dose of entertainment at the end of day. This month, we’ll continue to serve you a large variety of shows, from the newest series to the classic hits to cooking inspirations, as well as some special selections for Parents’ Day.

With everyone asking for Dimsum Entertainment to bring in this now trending Thai series My Husband-in-Law, how could we possibly let our viewers down? This Thai rom-com is sure to put a smile on your face, as Mark Prin shows his best charm to capture every girl’s heart.

If you’re up for something more intense, you will definitely enjoy My Himalayan Embrace. Filled with complicated plot twists, and a conflict between two brothers caught in a love triangle, this Thai drama is sure to keep the audience on edge.

Adding on to our ever-growing collection of historical Chinese drama titles is The Twin Flower Legend. Adapted from Hai Piao Xue’s novel “Mu Jin Hua Xi Yue Jin Xiu”, this drama tells the story of two twins, Mu Jin and Jin Xiu, who are separated at birth and sold into slavery.

She has had a crush on him for all her life, yet he does not see her that way, but they end up in an arranged marriage. Will these two ever fall in love, for real?

Moei lives together with the family of her mother’s close friend, who eventually became her adoptive family. Ever since then, Moei developed a crush on Tien, the son of her adoptive mother. Although Moei loves him, not only Thien does not reciprocate her love, he also constantly teases and bullies her. Moei, however, never responded negatively to Tien’s mistreatment because of her feelings towards him. The plot twist starts when Tien was forced to marry Moei in order to get rid of the wife of a powerful man. As Tien has never looked at Moei romantically, he was not pleased with the marriage. He also does not see Moei as the ‘perfect’ woman. Moei works hard to convince Tien to fall in love with her and to gain his approval as a ‘perfect’ and capable woman.

Will she manage to make him fall in love with her?

Cast: Mark (Prin Suparat), Mew (Nittha Jirayungyurn)

  • My Himalayan Embrace | Full Series | 16 Episodes | Coming soon on 11 June 2020

Set in the beautiful Himalayas, this drama tells a story of two brothers from the mafia entangled in a love triangle.

Santharakat, son of Rachisa, is a handsome headstrong Indian billionaire. The story starts with him fleeing the Himalayas to escape from a mafia group chasing after him. While seeking refuge in Chiang Mai, Santharakat meets Danika, the owner of a restaurant. He slowly begins to fall in love with her and tries many ways to win her heart, even taking note of how much she loves stargazing. However Danika has her eyes set on Khiri, a waiter struggling to take care of his alcoholic mother. Khiri resorts to various methods to work his way up the social ladder just to compete with Santharakat, and even ends up working illegally with Sikarin, Danika’s stepfather. Eventually, he makes his way into the rich and engages in a fierce battle with Santharakat.

Who will end up winning the heart of Danika?

Cast: Pon Nawasch, Inn Sarin, Namwhan Phulita

Born in an era of turbulence, this drama follows a pair of twin sisters and their experiences with an impulsive first love, a surprise parting, a long-lasting love, and no regrets.

Born into the chaotic era of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. Hua Mu Jin and her younger twin sister, Hua Jin Xiu, were sold to the Yuan family as slaves. Making friends with three other children – Yu Fei Yan, Song Ming Lei, and Yao Bi Ying, the five take a vow of friendship and promise to always take care of each other. In order to survive their harsh reality, Hua Mu Jin willingly throws herself into hard labour, and relies on her intellect and talent to help the Yuan family gain power and rise to glory. Along her path, she realizes how four important men have made a mark in her colourful life. There is Song Ming Lei, who she looks up to as an older brother, the innocent and pure Yuan Fei Jue, the indiscernible Duan Yue Rong, and the love of her life, Yuan Fei Bai.

Cast: Yu Xiao Tong, Mao Xiao Hui, Guan Zhi Bin, Kai Xuan

With many of us resorting to home-cooked meals during this period, cooking shows and famous chefs such as Maria Cordero are what you need to learn new recipes, tips and tricks!

The highly popular programme, Good Cheap Eats, is back for another season! Starring pop star Maria Cordero, better known as Fei Ma and fellow host Luk Ho Ming (a.k.a Number 6), the duo are ready to introduce you to even more simple and delicious recipes! This time, they will be emphasizing on cooking healthy meals, as it is important to maintain our health in the face of this global pandemic.

Get ready for more witty exchanges between Fei Ma and Number 6 as they are all set to dish out more recipes, cooking tips, funny comebacks and more in this latest season!

Hosts: Maria Cordero and Luk Ho-Ming (a.k.a No. 6)

  • Homegrown Flavours S03 | Full Series | 26 Episodes | Coming Soon on 4 June 2020

In this season, TVB hosts seek more quality ingredients locally grown in Hong Kong!

Discover artisanal food based on ingredients from local poultry farms, fish farms, vegetable farms, orchards, sauce factories, food factories, and more! Follow our hosts as they bring you on a journey to taste the freshness and deliciousness of Hong Kong local ingredients, and discover the culinary culture through Hong Kong’s original homegrown flavours.

Hosts: Helen Tam, Amy Ng, Telford Wong

What’s in store for Parents’ Day? Some of us might be away from our parents this year, but we can still celebrate and remember the best of them from these strong parenthood characters in The World of the Married, The Crown Princess and One Year. While watching, you might also find some gift ideas for your parents through our Watch & Shop feature, available exclusively on Dimsum Entertainment’s mobile app.

Wait, there’s even more good news! This June, Dimsum Entertainment will be welcoming a new branded video partner onboard – SETTV.  With this, you can now binge on even more exciting content from Taiwan for free!

Fans of the popular series – Deja Vu (Thai version) are in for a treat, as SETTV presents to you the original version of Deja Vu. Starring Yao Yuan Hao, Mandy Wei, Wang Si Ping and Yang Zhen, be sure to catch this Taiwanese romance drama to experience some déjà vu after finishing the Thai version of this series.

Aside from Deja Vu, we now have many fan-favourites made available for you, including Bromance, Someone Like You, Refresh Men, The Womanizer, Back to 1989, Office Girls, In A Good Way, Queen of No Marriage, My Little Boys, When I See You Again, and Love Cuisine.

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