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Live Version of “Chibi Maruko Chan TV Drama” Now on dimsum Exclusive & Simulcast in Malaysia

March 3, 2017   –   dimsum

The classic Japanese anime, “Chibi Maruko-Chan” which has been growing up with many children in the 80’s, has been remade into the Taiwanese live version “Chibi Maruko-Chan TV Drama’, has landed on dimsum!

dimsum, the latest subscription video-on-demand service in Malaysia, offering unlimited access to the best Asian content, has obtained the exclusive right for Malaysia, and simulcast from China and Hong Kong, every Monday to Friday at 8pm.

The live version of “Chibi Maruko-Chan” depicts the simple, everyday life of Momoko Sakura, a young girl everyone calls Maruko, with her family and friends.  It tells the story of a lively third-grade student Maruko (Zoey Lin Hsin Lei) who lives with her family of six in a small, ordinary town. Her father (Lin Yo Wei) likes to drink beer and watches TV; her mother (Demi) always troubled by Maruko’s strange behaviour; her sister (Wei Man) is serious; her grandmother (Tan Ai Chen) is gentle; and her grandfather (Paoming Ku) loves Maruko dearly and often daydreams with her.

At school, she has a group of classmates, each with a distinct personality: Hanawa, (Jiro Wong) the rich boy; Honami (Zooey Tseng), Maruko’s best friend; Ono (Ivan Wang), the handsome class leader; Migawa (Amanda Liu), the jealous queen; Maruo (Keni Lee) who wants to be a class monitor forever and others. What are the happy and interesting events that will happen in their everyday lives?

Characters’ descriptions:

Sakura’s family:
Maruko (Zoey Lin Hsin Lei)
The title character, a third-grade student with many shortcomings. She is ill-mannered, childish, often quarrels with her sister, lazy to exercise and cleans her room, often procrastinates her homework, and careless. Besides, she is a person who gives up easily, stubborn and always brings troubles to her family. But on the positive side, she is outspoken in the class, loves small animals, sharp-minded, and optimistic. At school, except her close friends and Honami, other classmates call her Momoko-chan, or Sakura-chan.
 Father Sakura Hiroshi (Lin Yo Wei)
A sloppy man who loves to drink beer while watching baseball game. He always teases Maruko, but he loves her dearly. He is an easily contented man.
 Mother Sumire (Demi)
A typical housewife. She is frugal and will shop uncontrollably with her sister during any sales. Just like Grandmother, she likes to keep useless stuff. She is very good in cooking and manages the family well. She is always troubled by Maruko but she is her good listener.
 Sister Sakiko (Wei Man)
A sixth-grade student in the same school as Maruko but they have completely different characters. She is calmer and matured, she will only get excited when she goes for outing or meets her favourite stars. Always quarrel with Maruko, but will instantly protect her when there is a danger or trouble.
 Grandfather Tomozo (Paoming Ku)
Her granddaughter always takes advantages of him. He suffers mild dementia with poor memory, but occasionally will think very long for something.
Grandmother Kotake (Tan Ai Chen)
Frugal and kind. Though she seldom talks, but she surprises everyone whenever she does with her wise opinions.
Sakura’s classmates:
Hanawa (Jiro Wang)
A rich boy who always fiddles with his hair, and the dream man of Migawa. His parents work in overseas, therefore he is being taken care by his butler, Mr Hideji. He lives extravagantly and travelling by planes during holidays. He is envied by classmates but he treats them generously. He speaks English and French; his result is good but his writing is horrible.
His favourite saying is “Hey! Baby” especially towards Maruko. He always helps her and agrees to her unreasonable demands. Therefore, many people think Hanawa is in love with Maruko. The creator Sakura once mentioned that “If Maruko ever marries she will choose Hanawa.”
Honami (Zooey Tseng)
Maruko’s best friend. She is quiet but shows her playful side whenever she is with Maruko. She looks simple but deep inside, she is quite complicated and imagines herself as the “Alpine Girl”.
Sometimes when Maruko appears to be closer with others, she will get panic. She is always troubled by her father’s passion in photography.
Migawa (Amanda Liu)
Extremely self-centred and claims herself a pretty girl. She is full of romantic ideas, good results, but she is easily jealous and cries ironic whenever someone makes fun of her. She has a crush on Hanawa, and dreams of becoming his wife. She hates girls around him. She does not get along with Maruko, and they often quarrel over small matters.
 Ono (Ivan Wang)
Loves to play football and good in sports. He has a good voice too, therefore represents his class to sing tenor solo. He is a handsome and righteous class leader. His best female friend is Maruko; thus, he is humorous whenever they are together. He is not interested in love, but his attention towards Maruko is obvious.
 Maruo Sueo (Keni Lee)
The class monitor who wishes to remain in the role forever. He is clever but is annoying with his bossy attitude and emotional character. His favourite sayings are “Anyway”, “Am I right” and “Do you have a problem with me?” His weakness is that he will sing in front of anyone who doesn’t want to select him as the next class monitor. He is most afraid of music and sport lessons. He terribly loves to be a class monitor, and if he helps others, he will remind them “Remember to vote me in the next class monitor election!” He is confused of Hanawa’s popularity among female classmates.


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