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J-Wave Returns with Many Japanese Dramas Premiered this December 2016

December 8, 2016   –   dimsum

Since its launch, dimsum has introduced many popular shows across Asia, especially the well-received simulcast Japanese drama, “Doctor-X4”. This December, dimsum will continue to reward drama addicts in Malaysia with a new lineup of premiered Japanese series, which come with multilingual subtitles selection.

dimsum Chief Marketing Officer, Lam Swee Kim said: “We have been riding on K-wave now, but we believe Malaysia still have a lot of Japanese drama fans. In addition to the critically acclaimed “Doctor-X” Season 1 to 4, dimsum subscribers also can stream for “Age Harassment”, “CSI3”, “Border”, “Emergency Interrogation Room”, “It Takes Two” and more excellent J-pop dramas. And the best thing is that on dimsum, everyone can binge-watch the entire series whenever, wherever they like.”

Among the new lineup of J-pop dramas this month:

“Age Harassment” follows the pretty and young Yoshii Emiri (Yasuyuki Takei) who joins a top company but soon after, finds it disappointed when she discovers that the company only requires Emiri’s youth and beauty. Her male colleagues desire her while older female staff are jealous of her. Finally, she breaks her long-endured patience and decides to come forward against their constant sexual and mental harassment.


“CSI3” depicts the work of a group of detectives led by Satoshi Itomura (Takaya Kamikawa) who solve murder cases by looking for clues in the articles left by victims. Masahiko Nishimura joins the team at the Metropolitan Police Department First Investigation Scientific Criminal Unit as the calm Interpol Sosuke Morita. Together, they search for the final “voice” of the victims…


In the mystery and suspense drama “Border”, Ango Ishikawa (Shun Oguri) is a highly ambitious detective who buries his life with investigation to solve murder cases. One day, he is shot in the head by a killer at the crime scene, but he miraculously survives and discovers that he can now see and talk with the dead.


“Emergency Interrogation Room” features well-known Japanese actress, Yuki Amami as Makabe Yukiko, an excellent negotiator in the Metropolitan Police Department. The drama kicks off with her intense and suspenseful negotiation with a bus hijacker. The attempt fails, causing her transfer to a special interrogation team, Kintori, where they are able to solve each case faster than other departments with Yukiko’s skill and experience. At the same time, each case brings her closer to the dark secret behind her husband’s death.


In another police drama, “It Takes Two”, two detectives, Shunsuke Yamashita (Hideaki Ito) and Keiichi Tashiro (Kenji Sakaguchi) are transferred to a newly formed Special Investigation Team of Shinjuku Police Station. Detective Yamashita is ignorant about details while Detective Tashiro is diligent and enthusiastic. Their personalities often clash, but are assigned to work as partners on everyday cases. As everyone think that they will can never work along, the these two go on to solve one case after the other.


“Hello, I Love You”, a special adoption-themed drama starring Ono Machiko as a pianist, Umeda Mina who have been married for 10 years with Umeda Shinji (Eguchi Yosuke). One day, Minda finds a young, abused boy in her yard. The boy goes to an orphanage but appears again several days later. Convinced by her husband, Mina believes that meeting the boy is a destiny and decides to adopt him.


Excellence Award winner in Tokyo Drama Awards 2016, “Wise and Foolish”, is a comedy drama about Taizan Muto (Kenichi Endo), the Prime Minister of Japan whom at the height of his career mysteriously swaps body with his prodigal son, Sho (Masaki Suda). Sho has to play the role of his father and attend the national assembly while his father is treated like a dumb college boy. Sho makes a fool of himself at official scenes while Taizan is also off to a rocky start as a university student. But an absolutely unexpected ending awaits as their souls swap back again…


Love Stories from Fukuoka 2015 & 2016”, an omnibus love-story series produced once a year in Fukuoka. The real-life stories are submitted by viewers in Fukuoka about their personal experiences with love, loss and longing. Young popular actors, including the members of AKB48, play the main roles while some celebrities and athletes who are associated with Fukuoka involve in the drama as well.



In addition, dimsum continues to expand their curated library for Japanese drama lovers, such as Season 1 and 2 of “Love in Tokyo”, Season 1 to 3 of “Doctors: The Brilliant Medical Doctor” starring Takashima Masanobu and Sawamura Ikki; as well as “My Little Lover”, adapted from a popular manga series of the same name.

To enjoy these J-pop specials, simply download dimsum mobile app today from dimsum official website dimsum.my or go to Apple App Store, Google Play Store and register for an account. All new subscribers are entitled for a free 30-day trial. For more information, please visit dimsum.my; dimsum official Facebook (facebook.com/dimsum.my) and Instagram (@dimsum.my).