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“Good Bye, My Princess” is the New Drama Sensation

February 25, 2019   –   dimsum

More trending romance comedies “My Amazing Boyfriend 2” and “Hello Again”

(Petaling Jaya, February 22) – Adapted from a hit online novel, the historical romance, Good Bye, My Princess that has created a huge buzz is now streaming on dimsum, on the same day as China.

Since its premiere, the fast-paced story, the tragic plot, and the chemistry between the main characters have successfully garnered a wide audience and views. Led by newcomers Peng Xiao Ran and Chen Xing Xu, the drama unfolds around the 9th Princess of Western Liang as she journeys to the Central Plains to fulfil a marriage alliance with the Crown Prince. They are joined by a cast of veteran actors Gallen Lo, Si Qin Gao Wa, Wang Zhi Fei, as well as KingOne Wang, Shawn Wei, Kristy Yeung and more.

Good Bye, My Princess | Everyday 8pm

Spoiled but beloved ninth princess of Western Liang, Xiao Feng is arranged into a political marriage with Li Cheng Yin, the crown prince of the Tang Dynasty. Understandably, they dislike each other, but soon they are dragged into a series of politics, intrigue and betrayal that threaten their lives. When they finally fall in love, the princess realizes that her prince has done terrible things to her in the past, one that they have both chosen to forget. Can they still weather the trials set before them and start all over again?

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 | Every Thursday to Saturday 8pm

Back by the popularity of the first season, “amazing boyfriend” Xue Ling Qiao continues his fantasy romance with a new cast and story, pairing Thai heartthrob Mike Angelo and Esther Yu. Mike gains fame in China following the success of his Chinese dramas such as Mr Swimmer, Delicious Destiny and My Little Princess.

To give his actress girlfriend Tian Jing Zhi a peaceful, ordinary life, mutant Xue Ling Qiao the mutant decides to leave but shortly after, Jing Zhi is pregnant. Worried about her safety, Ling Qiao quietly moves in next door. Meanwhile, a mysterious organization also learns that Jing Zhi is pregnant with a mutant’s baby and tries to approach her. Now, Ling Qiao is prepared to do everything to ensure his “super baby” is born safely.

Hello Again | Every Saturday 10:30pm

Idol college drama from Taiwan, Hello Again describes the trajectories that changes in two young people when they chose to or not to continue their studies. The romance comedy sees the pairing of Amber An from Prince of Wolf and Bruce Hung from A Good Day.

With one hundred days left until the college entrance exams, top student Chang Ke Ai and Yang Zi Hao made a bet in high school. In a twist of fate, Ke Ai gave up on her studies to pay off a family debt. Ten years later, Zi Hao is an executive vice president of “Gorgeous Department Store”, while Ke Ai helps her mother selling clothes at a market. When they meet again, will they remember the bet from ten years ago?

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