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Forensic Hit “Unnatural” for J-Fans

March 19, 2019   –   dimsum
More female-led series in The Full Time Escapist, Sleepeeer Hit!, Please Love Me!

In this month of celebration for women, dimsum brings together queens of Japanese dramas in its all new award-winning March lineup. Leading the list are three big hits by the same writer, Akiko Nogi: Unnatural, The Full-Time Wife Escapist and Sleepeeer Hit!.

A story-a-week forensic mystery that unfolds against the theme of “unnatural deaths”, the fast-paced, solid plot Unnatural sweeps big win in various Japanese drama awards, taking home Best Drama, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, and Best Theme Song awards.

Unnatural | Full episodes

Drama scene of Unnatural

Mikoto Misumi (Satomi Ishihara) is a pathologist working at the fictional facility, Unnatural Death Investigation Laboratory (UDI Lab). Believing there is an explainable cause behind all the mysterious deaths, she works together with her team, the medical examiner Kai Nakado (Arata Iura), part-time recorder Rokuro Kube (Masataka Kubota), clinical technologist Yuko Shoji (Mikako Ichikawa) and UDI director Yasuo Kamikura (Yutaka Matsushige) to reveal the truth.

The Full-Time Wife Escapist and Sleepeeer hit! are both live adaptations from popular mangas. Heart-warming rom-com, The Full-Time Wife Escapist is an instant hit, with the ending theme “Koi” featuring the cast Yui Aragaki and Gen Hoshino becomes the new “love dance” craze in Japan.

The Full-Time Wife Escapist | Full Episodes

The Full-Time Wife Escapist

25-year old graduate, Mikuri Moriyama (Yui Aragaki) has no boyfriend or job. Feeling unwanted and displaced, she ends up working as a housekeeper for bachelor Tsuzaki Hiramasa (Gen Hoshino). At 36 years old, Hiramasa Tsuzaki is still single and one day, he proposes a contract marriage to Mikuri. Will their “married” life remain as only part of the job?

Sleepeeer hit! | Full Episodes

Sleepeeer Hit!

Kokoro Kurosawa (Haru Kuroki) used to be a contender for the Olympic Judo Team, but she now begins work at weekly manga magazine “Vibes.” She learns about editing from senior editor Kei Iokibe (Joe Odagiri) and gets fascinated with the edition world, while interacting with manga writers, and discovering new manga artists. When the publishing industry faces tough competition from the e-books, Kokoro, with the help of her colleagues, strives to get their comics reprinted, and makes a “sleeper hit”.

Drama scene of Sleepeeer Hit!

Another best-of-the-year music suspense drama, Quartet follows four miserable musicians’ friendship, struggles and their individual stories.


Quartet | Full episodes

Drama scene of Quartet

Four musicians in their 30s, cellist Suzume Sebuki (Hikari Mitsushima), violist Yutaka Iemori (Issey Takahashi), violinists Maki Maki (Takako Matsu) and Tsukasa Beppu (Ryuhei Matsuda), met in one winter by chance. Despite being total strangers, they decide to live together in Karuizawa and form a musical quartet. But “chance” hides some big secrets for the four whose lives always seem to head gently downhill.

• Please Love Me! | Coming soon

Please Love Me!

30-year-old Michiko Shibata (Kyoko Fukada) who has no job, no money, and no boyfriend starts working for her former boss Ayumu Kurosawa (Dean Fujioka) at his tearoom, despite her fear of him. There, she causes various troubles every day but Ayumu always helps Michiko, and after spending a long time with him, she falls in love with him.

Other series highlight from Taiwan:

Brave to Love | Every Saturday 10:30pm

Brave to Love

Adapted from the work of the well-known Japanese cartoonist Fumi Saimon, this romance follows five best friends in university who were suffering from entangled triangle love between them. Five years after graduation, they reunite again. Facing various problems that revolve around workplace bullying, extramarital affairs, and female autonomy, how do they maintain their friendship and resolve all the challenges?

In the variety segment, a new show to discover the best musical talents in China is now premiering on dimsum.

CHUANG! | Every Sunday 10pm


An original song-writing campaign, where experienced mentors who are also songwriters are tasked to find young talents. The contestants are required to write and sing their own songs, and have the potential to become a real idol. Popular Chinese singers Jam Hsiao, Chen Li and Jackson Wang give expert opinions and share their musical experiences with the program’s contestants.

The famous idol, Jackson Wang & Pop-singer, Jam Hsiao

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