About Dimsum Entertainment

Q : What is Dimsum Entertainment?

Dimsum Entertainment is a video streaming service in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore serving unlimited Asian content including dramas, animations, kid’s edutainment, movies, news and lifestyle content, as well as Education and e-shopping feature. Watch the latest dramas and simulcast from the countries of origin and e-learning content on multiple devices, with an affordable subscription fee or watch our library titles for free.

Q : Where can I access Dimsum Entertainment?

Once you have subscribed to Dimsum Entertainment, you can stream anytime, anywhere in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore on your iPhones, iPads, Macs and TVs via AirPlay.

Q : What kind of content is available on Dimsum Entertainment?

We have dramas, animations, kid’s programmes, movies, variety shows, news and lifestyle from all over Asia, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Japan. Some of the content are from our branded partners.

Most of our library content is available to view for free once you signed up, and you can also opt in to our VIP package to enjoy premium content.

Dimsum Entertainment also launches an education section, offering e-learning content for pre-schools, primary and secondary schools.

Q : What do I need to do to enjoy Dimsum Entertainment?

You can sign up for a free account on Dimsum Entertainment to enjoy the variety of entertainment or subscribe along to get the premium or Education content.

Q : I have signed up, but why can’t I access Dimsum Entertainment?

Most probably because:
– You have limited/ no internet connection
– You are outside of Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore
– Some premium content is only viewable for VIP package subscribers

If you’re already our VIP subscriber:
– Your payment might be unsuccessful, please refer to your iTunes subscription

Q : Why can’t I find certain titles on Dimsum Entertainment anymore?

Dimsum Entertainment legally acquires content rights for all our titles for a certain period of time, and when the certain titles are not available anymore, it indicates that the right has expired.

Check out the leaving soon titles on monthly basis from our press room or follow us on Facebook and Instagram (dimsum.ent).

Q : How do I find what are the expiring titles on Dimsum Entertainment?

You’ll be able to see titles leaving in the next 30 days from the following places on Dimsum Entertainment:
– The show reel “Leaving soon” on the app or page
– The title poster marked with “Leaving soon”
– Dimsum Entertainment press room (https://media.dimsum.my/)
– Dimsum Entertainment Facebook and Instagram (@dimsum.ent)

Q : What is Dimsum Entertainment branded video-on-demand (BVOD)?

As Dimsum Entertainment continues to grow our content library, we will always collaborate with our regional partners such as Oh!K, Ani-One and Miao Mi to add more genres to our offerings. By creating a BVOD on our platform, you can find your preferred series and shows, all customised in one dedicated space.

Q : What is Dimsum Entertainment Education?

Dimsum Entertainment : education is a new e-learning section catering educative content for learners of all ages, from preschool to secondary school.

Q : I’m not subscribed on any packages. What is the content that I can watch for free?

Free content are shows and videos that you can still access without subscription. Other than the premium content which includes the simulcast series and titles from our branded segments, most of the offering on Dimsum Entertainment is viewable for free.

Q : Is Education part of free content?

No, some e-tutorial videos are available as free preview, but Education content comes with a subscription. It is not a free content, but you can subscribe separately, bundle up to Entertainment package or add-on to your existing package to access all the content.

Q : How can I start to enjoy Dimsum Entertainment Education?

To access Education section, you can subscribe along with Entertainment package as a bundle or individually as an ala carte subscription.

Q : I’m an existing Dimsum Entertainment subscriber, why can’t I watch education videos now?

Education is a separate content offering from Dimsum Entertainment subscription. To watch the videos, you are required to opt in to the package selections, starting from MYR10.90 a month.

Q : What kind of content is available on Dimsum Entertainment Education?

The subjects covered on Education include beginners’ words, numbers and greetings for preschool kids; Mathematics, Mandarin, Science, English and B.Melayu for primary school students; as well as English for Science and Technology, Business Study, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics for secondary school students.

Billing Related

Q : How do I get refund for my subscription?

There is no refund available for all active subscriptions. However, you can still proceed to cancel subscription from iTunes 3 days before new subscription recurs and continue to access Dimsum Entertainment until the end of current billing period.

Q : How can I check my payment history?

You can check on your next billing date or payment history from “My Account“ section.

Q : How to cancel my subscription?

Go to My Account > Manage Plan > Manage Subscription > Go to iTunes > Settings > iTunes & App Store > Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen > View Apple ID >Subscriptions > Cancel

Q : Are there any other charges?

Our subscription fees on Entertainment and Education packages are subjected to 6% Service Tax.

Q : How do I make the payment?

Subscription fee at MYR8.90 (VIP) or MYR14.90 a month (VIP Family) inclusive of Service Tax, will be charged to your iTunes Account upon confirmation of subscription. Your subscription will be automatically renewed each month unless Auto-Renew is turned off from your iTunes account at least 3 days prior to the end of the current period.

Q : How do I know if my subscription is successful?

You will receive a confirmation email from Dimsum Entertainment upon successful subscription.


Q : Can I watch Dimsum Entertainment on TV screen?

Yes, you can watch Dimsum Entertainment on TV via Apple AirPlay.

Q : What is the required internet connection speed?

1.5 Megabits per second for broadband connection. HD quality visual will require 5.0 Megabits per second.

Q : What are the minimum requirements to stream on Dimsum Entertainment?

iOS9.3 or later

Q : Can I watch on Dimsum Entertainment while abroad?

Due to copyright and IP restrictions, Dimsum Entertainment is currently only available for users in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore (also via Starhub Go). Please note that some content in the library might be different in these countries.

If you are out of Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, you can pre-download the videos onto Dimsum Entertainment app and watch offline while on-the-go.

Q : Can I access to Dimsum Entertainment Education when I’m offline?

No, download feature is not available for education content.

Q : Can I access to Dimsum Entertainment Education while abroad?

Due to copyright and IP restrictions, Dimsum Entertainment Education is currently only available for users in Malaysia.

Q : Is there a limit to how much I can watch Education on Dimsum Entertainment?

No, you can enjoy unlimited access to the subject videos based on your subscribed Education package.


Q : Am I able to change subtitle’s size, font and background on my screen?

You can customize your subtitles appearance via iOS settings. Launch the Settings on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on General > Accessibility > Subtitles & Captioning > Style. By default, it is set to Transparent Background, but you can further change the settings when you tap on Create New Style.

Q : Can I access to Dimsum Entertainment when I’m offline?

Yes, download feature is available, however it is only for VIP package subscribers on Entertainment content. You can download up to 10 videos via Dimsum Entertainment app and access the downloaded content for up to 14 days without internet connection.

Q : Is there a limit to how much I can watch on Dimsum Entertainment?

For VIP package subscribers, you can enjoy premium access to unlimited content during your subscription period. If you are not on any subscriptions, you can still enjoy all the library titles that are available.

Q : How long can I save my downloaded content?

For VIP package subscribers, you can keep the videos up to 14 days. However, this feature is not available for Education content.

Q : What are Parental Controls?

Parental control allows you to manage access for kids aged 12 and below to watch their favourite shows on Dimsum Entertainment.
* Parental Controls will require a 4-digit Pin to activate.

Q : How many devices can I connect to Dimsum Entertainment?

The number of accessible devices is based on your subscription. For VIP Family, you can access up to 5 devices concurrently while VIP subscribers can use up to 2 devices. Sharing access is not available for users with no active subscriptions.

Q : How many can I download for offline watching every time?

If your account is entitled for download feature, you can download up to 20 videos every time.

Q : Why my downloaded videos disappeared?

No worries, each video downloaded for offline watching expires after a certain period due to copyright issues. If you have not finished watching, you can download again unlimitedly anytime.

Q : How do I switch subtitles and audio while viewing?

To switch subtitles or audio – Tap on subtitles or audio icon on the bottom right corner of your screen and switch to your preferred language. Dimsum Entertainment will remember your last settings and automatically set the preference on your next video. If your selected movie does not support your preference, Dimsum Entertainment will automatically set to default.

Q : Why can’t I choose subtitles on some videos?

Some simulcast and premiere content which are shown on the same day as the country of origin might experience a slight delay in subtitles completion. We will update the subtitles progressively every week.

Account Settings

Q : I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you forget your password, you can go to “Forgot Password” button on our home page, enter your email address and select “Reset Password”. We will send a link allowing you to reset your password to your registered email.

Q : Can I change my password?

Yes, you can go to “My Account” and select Edit Account Info button to change password. Be sure to save your password once done. The Save button is on the top of the page.

Q : Can I change my email address?

Sorry, it’s not currently possible to change your email address after you’ve registered as it will serve as your unique Dimsum Entertainment ID.