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Dimsum Entertainment and SayPBS Unveil Exciting Education Content

March 12, 2020   –   dimsum

Dimsum Entertainment announced an additional new partner, SayPBS for its Education content offering today, that aims to provide a vibrant learning experience.

SayPBS is a network of academies known for their creative design methods in presenting education materials by tailoring subjects to students’ learning needs to help them learn better. They have over 16 years of experience in the education field and have used visually creative and unique delivery of facts to enhance the learning experience, and to inspire people to learn.

There are various topics in science available, tailored to the SPM syllabus with additional e-tutorial videos to be published on a monthly basis. One of the topics to be firstly included is Matter and Substance which explores the properties of atoms and elements. Each topic is animated in a way that makes the subject interesting and easily understandable for students in what is described nowadays as ‘edutainment’.

Chief Marketing Officer of Dimsum Entertainment, Lam Swee Kim has shown great enthusiasm in being able to work with SayPBS in providing new effective learning materials via the Dimsum Entertainment application.

“We are always looking forward to working with leading education providers to deliver personalized and easily accessible learning options. The collaboration with SayPBS will open up new opportunities for us to strengthen and expand our education content offering.”

Mr. Denis, Senior Tutor of SaysPBS also expressed his delight at the prospect of SayPBS’s content reaching a wider audience through Dimsum Entertainment.

“We look forward to create more compelling, interactive and thought-provoking educational contents to get more students to think beyond the confines of the classroom while ensuring that they achieve their best possible results academically with our learning materials.”

To access these e-tutorials on Dimsum Entertainment, users can subscribe to the special rate at only RM10 per month using this promo code, STUDYJER at www.dimsum.asia.

Dimsum Entertainment is currently available in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. Dimsum Entertainment is accessible via the web, mobile and TV applications. For more information, visit www.dimsum.asia, Dimsum Entertainment official Facebook (@dimsum.ent), Instagram (@dimsum.ent) and Twitter (@dimsumasia).