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Celebrate Songkran with The Latest, Hit Thai Content on dimsum

April 8, 2019   –   dimsum
In Family We Trust”, “WOLF”, “Deadtime Stories 2” and “The Crime” Added

Songkran festival is not just about celebration and water play. On dimsum, we gather up the latest and most popular Thai shows to binge-watch and welcome the New Year together.

Leading the Songkran binge-list in April is the newly announced “MThai Top Talk About Drama” winner, In Family We Trust. The suspense drama that inspired interests about Thai-Chinese culture follows the members of a wealthy family who are seemingly close but soon devolve into conflict after a mysterious murder. The series features a large ensemble cast of veteran actors, including Nappon Gomarachun, Patravadi Mejudhon, Songsit Roongnophakunsri, Saksit Tangthong, Kathaleeya McIntosh, Sopitnapa Choompanee and Kejmanee Wattanasin, as well as members of the pop idol group Nine by Nine.

In Family We Trust | Full episodes

In Family We Trust drama scene

After Sukede, the head of the Jilanna family passed away, his daughter Soan is excluded from the inheritance of Gilanada Hotel. When Soan’s older brother Pasatte is found dead from a gunshot in his bedroom, Soan and Pasatte’s wife Chris become the prime suspects. Pasatte’s son Pete and Soan’s son Yini, become involved as each family tries to prove their innocence and uncover the mystery of the case.

WOLF | Every Friday 11pm

Five young people: Don, Plan, Ryo, Por, and Mo are invited to join a project called “Wolf”, with a chance to win 10 million baht. They are assigned with 25 missions to win over 5 strangers of opposite sex across Asia. Who will emerge as the WOLF, the winner?

• Deadtime Stories 2 | Coming soon

The story begins when a group of college students trespass into an old hospital abandoned in a forbidden forest. One of the students, Kan (Pungpound Akarawut) enters the hospital but has since gone missing, worrying Namsai (Goy Aratchaporn) who has a crush on him. When Kan reappears, he claims that he is Nathee, a man who had died many years ago. Then, the chaos started when everyone in the town recalls their past life and remembers the wickedness people did to them in the past. Between revenge and forgiving, what will they choose?

• The Crime | Coming soon

The story starts with an oil tanker accident, which turns out to be an armoured bank truck robbery involving 40 million baht. Panu, son of the Head of Royal Thai Police Headquarters, is assigned to the scene and catch the criminals. However, a serious explosion happened, destroying all the evidence money. Suspicious of the whole crime set-up, Panu objects Deputy Commissioner-General’s order to close the case, as a result, he was transferred to report under Commanding Officer Kanon. With his unyielding character, what will happen when he joins the new team?

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