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Catch the Latest News, Lifestyle and Entertainment Updates on dimsum

March 19, 2019   –   dimsum
 Offerings of cooking and beauty tips, headlines, cover stories and more

Subscription video-streaming service, dimsum further enhances its offerings with the addition of CCTV-4 News, A1 Entertainment, Miao Mi, JO Channel, DayDayCook, MayJune Shines and 21Grams, to its currently available 988 and R.AGE.

CCTV-4 News offer latest updates on headlines and social topics

While CCTV-4 News, 988 and R.AGE offer latest updates on headlines and social topics, A1 Entertainment brings the first-hand news in the showbiz industry. On the lifestyle segment, dimsum collaborates with Key-Opinion-Leaders (KOL) around the region to curate their content for our audience. DayDayCook and 21Grams shares easy-to- follow recipes and food tips; while MayJune Shines indulges its users with trending beauty tips. JO Channel and Miao Mi provide entertaining and educative stories for kids. 

MayJune Shines, the local star who share the users with the trending beauty tips

dimsum Chief Marketing Officer, Lam Swee Kim said, “We feel it’s timely for us to curate these short contents for our subscribers as our data shows that there are users who love to consume short videos of news and lifestyle. We are pleased to work with different partners from individual KOLs across the region to global partners like CCTV-4 News (China), A1 Entertainment (Hong Kong), Miao Mi (Hong Kong) and many more.”

DayDayCook founder, Norma Chu commented, “We’re very happy to bring our own original cooking channel to dimsum subscribers, and we really hope that they’ll find our show enjoyable and useful.”

DayDayCook by Norma Chu

News platform A1 Entertainment, Mr Ho Lai Chuen (Asia Television CEO) said, “We believe that Asian drama fans on dimsum will be interested to catch up with the latest entertainment stories, and on A1 Entertainment they’ll be the first to know.”

A1 Entertainment, the first-hand news in the showbiz industry

To enjoy these news, lifestyle and entertainment updates, just sign up for an account on dimsum. No additional subscription fees are required to continue accessing the selected  content after the end of 30 days trial.

dimsum is currently available in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore via web, mobile and TV applications. Download the dimsum application today from the App Store or Google Play Store. For more information, visit dimsum.asia, dimsum official Facebook (facebook.com/dimsum.asia) or Instagram (@dimsum.asia).