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Aarif Lee, Sophie Zhang Tells A Historical Romance in “Princess Silver”

May 10, 2019   –   dimsum

Premiering along Janice Wu’s “Love at First Sight” on dimsum

dimsum has confirmed two new romance adaptations in May, with the premiering of historical drama Princess Silver and the modern Love at First Sight.

Based on the novel White-Haired Imperial Concubine, Sophie Zhang from When We Were Young and Hong Kong heartthrob Aarif Lee are paired up to bring the fans’ favourite “Man-You” couple into this live-action adaptation.

Princess Silver | Premiere 15 May | 58 episodes

Sophie Zhang as Rong Le in Princess Silver

Rong Le (Sophie Zhang), a princess of the Western Qi wakes up one day to lost her memory. She is ordered to marry Prince Wu You (Aarif Lee) from the Northern Lin, who rejects her. Unable to return home, Rong Le settles down in Northern Lin and opens a teahouse under the alias of Man Yao. She begins to secretly finding an invaluable tome left behind by the Qin family that are said to bring greatness to all kingdoms. Her journey leads her to Wu You, and they fall in love without realizing each other’s true identity. Their happiness does not last long when Rong Le receives a new order to marry the powerful General Fu Chou (Jing Chao).

Aarif Lee as Prince Wu You in Princess Silver

Janice Wu, known for her successful role in the romcom My Amazing Boyfriend, reunites with Zhang Yu Jian in this popular adaptation from the novel I Don’t Like This World, I Only Like You.

Love at First Sight | Now streaming every Monday 9pm | 35 episodes

Based on the author’s true story, Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo are two graduating high school classmates who promised to study abroad together. An unforeseen incident happened in Qiao Yi’s family, leaving the promise unfulfilled and they eventually lose touch with each other. Four years later, they meet again during a class reunion and Qiao Yi finally realizes her own feelings. She decides to pursue Yan Mo, who is already in another relationship. Unknown to Qiao Yi, Yan Mo hasn’t forgotten her and unable to express his feelings, he can only take care of Qiao Yi quietly. How will this awkward romance end? 

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