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Bad Genius The Series: From Multiple-award Winning Film To a Series We Have Been Waiting For

August 3, 2020   –   dimsum
Are you ready for a more nerve-wracking experience with the bad genius?

The 2017’s Thai highest grossing heist film is back as a spin-off drama! That means 12 episodes of more nerve-wracking, suspense and exam cheating going to take place!

Inspired by true events, the film received positive reception from millions of viewers from the Asia Pacific region back in 2017 and has garnered multiple awards and nominations from various film festivals and awards such as Asia Pacific Film Festival 2018 (APFF) and ASEAN Film Festival and Awards 2018. Among the awards won in APFF are Best Editing and Best New Actress, while a Special Jury Award for the latter.

Bad Genius The Series version continues to focus on Lin, a genius high school student who makes money by helping others to cheat on tests, receives a new task that leads her to set foot in Sydney, Australia.

In order to complete the millions-Baht task, Lin and Bank (another prodigy in financial tragedy), have to finish the international STIC (fictionalised version of SAT) exam and deliver the answers back to their friends, Grace and Pat, in Thailand before the exam takes place once again in their home country.

Aside from seamless and perfect acting by the cast, the background music and fast-paced editing has also impacted the audience tremendously by creating continuous nervous and suspense feelings throughout the movie.

Bad Genius The Series, produced by the same team that produced the youth sport series: Project S The Series (also available on Dimsum Entertainment), will star a totally different cast with equally powerful acting performance.

Directed by Pat Boonitipat – whose previous works include other Thai youth series, documentaries and films – the series will resonate the same theme and plot as well as highlighting more on the conflicts and relationship between the quartet (Lin, Bank, Grace and Pat) and the people around them: family and clients. The series will also introduce some other new characters that will add more spice to the already hot storyline.

The main lead, Lin, will be starred by June Plearnpichaya – member of all-girl Thai idol group, BNK48. While the good turned evil Bank will be played by Jaonaay Wattanasin – a pop singer who will be debuting his acting career through this series. The sweetheart duo, the rich and demanding Pat played by the former 9X9 Thai idol group member, Ice Paris; while Grace, the  theatre enthusiast played by Nana Paisarnpayak.

Bad Genius The Series, airing on the same day as Thailand, will be available on Dimsum Entertainment from 3rd of August 2020 and new episodes will be on every Monday and Tuesday. The movie version of Bad Genius is also available on our platform, watch it if you have not!

Cast: June Plearnpichaya, Jaonaay Wattanasin, Ice Paris and Nana Paisarnpayak

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